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The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) continues its commitment to conduct public outreach and to study high-speed rail routes to connect the Central Valley to the Antelope Valley, closing the existing passenger rail gap between Northern and Southern California over the Tehachapi Mountains. We last hosted public meetings in Winter 2017. At that time, the current route concepts that had been developed were presented, as well as additional project information including:


  • An update on the statewide high-speed rail program and activities currently underway
  • An overview of the environmental process
  • Information on the types of studies that are conducted as part of the environmental process and the types of data gathered from these studies
  • An update on the schedule for the environmental studies
  • Station area planning activities underway for the proposed stations in Bakersfield (Central Valley) and Palmdale (Antelope Valley)
  • Information about the right-of-way process


 If you missed the meetings, you can view the presentation here and find all meeting materials here under “Community Meetings.”


Since then, the technical team has been collecting and analyzing data about the proposed alignments. Members of the public, elected officials, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders have provided a steady stream of feedback. Frequently discussed topics include:


  • Right-of-way and property impacts
  • Proposed high-speed rail station locations and planned station features
  • Coordination efforts with existing passenger rail services and at existing station locations
  • Project funding, overall cost, and timing for completion
  • What the project will look like, sound like, and how frequently trains will run


What's Next

Since 2014, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has participated in nearly 300 public outreach events within the Bakersfield to Palmdale project section, including Community Working Groups, Stakeholder Working Groups, and Community Open House meetings, all aimed at providing a greater understanding of project elements and opportunities for widespread community input. 

To that end, we are extending the environmental review and outreach process so that we have ample time to collaborate on the alternatives under study. At the appropriate time, we will be releasing an updated schedule to reflect this additional time for outreach, information sharing, and coordination.

Throughout the entire process, the Authority will continue to engage with members of the public and stakeholders as project information and findings from technical studies become available. No board action will be taken prior to the presentation of relevant information to the public for their comments and valuable input. 


Delivering Benefits Sooner

The Authority has prepared a number of recent studies that discuss the agency's priorities and document plans to achieve them, as well as the overall benefits of the program's investment to date in planning, design, construction, and related early investment projects across the state. The influence and impact of these investments include:


  • Over 119 miles are under construction in the Central Valley, representing $3 billion in local investments
  • Over 1,000 construction workers working today in the Central Valley with 12 major construction sites underway. See more at
  • Investments being made in key aspects of the Southern California rail network, infrastructure, and service which can be found here
  • Approximately 112 small businesses based in Southern California contributing to the delivery of the nation’s first high-speed rail program


We appreciate your input and feedback in the process to build the nation's first high-speed rail system. It is a challenging undertaking, but with your participation, we can answer more questions and resolve more issues with each step we take.

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The Southern California Education Program has successfully engaged more than 5,000 students across the region!

Small Business Program 

Participation is up! Our 30% goal plays a major role in the construction of high-speed rail and is helping to create local jobs.

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high-speed rail's clean investment in the recent Sustainability Report!


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