Once again - assisted suicide proponents falter

MA legislation sent to study committee and gone from this year's session



"If you pass this law,

you will be putting the power of 

who lives and

who dies

out of the individual's hands and into that of an unscrupulous society,

who do not think that we have lives worth living."

~Kate Ryan

Autistic Self Advocacy Network




From John B. Kelly, Executive Director - Second Thoughts Massachusetts


We thank the cross disability, and mental health recovery communities for powerful and effective testimony against assisted suicide.  As assisted suicide goes down for the second time in two years, disability rights advocates are taking up the leading positions against assisted suicide.

Disability rights voices are now undeniable in the battle against assisted suicide, we join with medical societies and hospice associations against assisted suicide.

We thank the Joint Committee on Public Health for hearing our concerns on how dangerous assisted suicide is to ill and disabled people.  That’s twice in two years now that first voters and now the legislature has had second thoughts about assisted suicide.  Massachusetts is rightly seen as a leader in social issues, and its solid rejection of assisted suicide should be heard across the nation.

Disabled who experience depression can breathe easier, who might be depressed and feeling hopeless, or in an abusive situation.

A similar effort in the New Hampshire Legislature was also recently defeated.


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